Inizia 2017. Dal 7 al 22 ottobre.
L’IIS Falcone-Righi partecipa con vari progetti in alcune classi.
Le trovate sul sito ufficiale del Codeweek a questo indirizzo:

Per i docenti: il codice della nostra scuola per inserire eventi è in area riservata docenti

Today we live in a world that has been affected by rapid advances in technology. The way we work, communicate, shop and think has changed dramatically. In order to cope with these rapid changes and to make sense of the world around us, we need to not only develop our understanding of how technology works, but also develop skills and capabilities, that will help us to adapt to living in this new era.

Learning to code helps us to make sense of how things work, explore ideas and make things, for both work and play. What’s more it helps us to unleash our creativity and work collaboratively with wonderful people both near us and all over the world.


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